I came home today and the deck took my breath away. It looks amazing.

Christian came home several hours later and looked at it in the dark. He said something on the lines of, “We did a good job. We did a good job choosing Tim. Tim made a beautiful deck. I like the way this project has gone. He has made this house a better place. Even if all we did was choosing Tim and make some decisions, Tim was the best decision.”


Our first association with Regency Construction was in late1998 when we began an extensive, end to end, remodeling job (approximately $300,000) on a Carmel Valley house we had recently purchased. The work continued until we took up residence in June 1999 and then in phases until the end of the year. Regency was selected from three bidders. The quality of work performed was excellent, budgets and timelines were met, and good communication was always maintained. This was particularly gratifying since, for more than 6 months after the start of work, we lived in Los Angeles and had infrequent face-to-face onsite interaction.

A few years later we contracted with Regency to install a couple of hundred feet of wooden fencing. This was, relatively, a very small job and was also completed very satisfactorily.

In late 2008, Regency was awarded a $468,000 contract (out of 10 original bidders) by the Carmel Valley Historical Society to construct a History Building for the Society. The building is now virtually complete. Regency’s performance has been excellent from all viewpoints and Tim Sherer, Owner, has been an indispensable and enthusiastic manager and advisor to the Society. He has ensured that we have a well-built and well-finished structure which is, in fact, better than the original plans defined.

We highly recommend Regency Construction for any work they undertake. We also recommend the owner, Tim Sherer, and the senior members of the Regency staff.

Reggie and Anne Jones

It has been ten years now since you remodeled our office, Tim. We recall vividly the transformation you accomplished – on schedule, within budget, as promised! The office is holding up so well – we have remained grateful to you for the quality of the work you did for us, and hope you have been rewarded with ongoing work through these hard times…we would be a great reference for you, should one be needed…anytime!

Karen Tierney and Jim Vawter

We experienced Tim Scherer’s expertise when he entirely reconstructed our Carmel Valley home. His honesty, attention to detail, and commitment to craftsmanship are exceptional. We would recommend him for any building project without reservation.

Laurie & Jon Benner

Regency Construction remodeled our home at the Carmel Valley Ranch and met or exceeded our expectations on all fronts. Easy to work with, reliable, safety conscious, competent and flexible, they did a first rate job and left us very pleased with the end result. There were no issues which were not resolved to our satisfaction. Tim Scherer contributed a number of creative ideas which improved upon our original plan. We recommend Regency without reservation.

Grace and Dick Merrill

Dear Tim:

We want to thank you and your talented and hard-working crews for the outstanding job all of you did repairing our home following the discovery of extensive water damage.

When we became aware we had a problem, we hired a widely-respected waterproofing expert, Myles Corcoran, to evaluate it. He, in turn, recommended we hire your firm to do the work. Little did we imagine the extent of the damage, the scope of the work that would be required to address it or the fact we would have to vacate the premises for seven months while the work was being done.

We also cannot imagine any construction company could have been more diligent, craftsmanlike or cost-conscience than Regency was on this project. We also greatly appreciated the responsiveness and sensitivity you and your colleagues showed to our difficult personal situation. It was hard for us to have to move out and to take all of our personal possessions with us.

It has been several months now since we were able to move back in, and still you remain attentive to any issues we have with the house. Your thoughtfulness and responsiveness has been wonderful — and frankly unprecedented in our experience.

Today our home seems better than new. The issues that faced us last year are fading from memory, and we have a home of which we are extremely proud. And we have Regency Construction to thank for that.

Jerry and Diana Kitchen

We want to thank you once again for all of your help in repairing our home. Your crew was terrific! We were really in a jam with our insurance company and you saved us. You said you would help and you did!

Thank you for your sense of urgency. You were able to finish so that we could be back home for Christmas! Record timing! All of your guys were great! You have aligned yourself with some very professional people. Their level of craftsmanship was excellent. Your very fair pricing was really appreciated. Your group did an excellent job at a very fair price. We could not have asked for a better experience. THANK YOU!!!

If you would ever need a reference please have anyone call us. We’d be happy to talk to any potential customers about Regency Construction’s terrific level of professionalism, workmanship, fair pricing and timing.

Adam, Therese & Mark Mahady

It is a pleasure to share our home building experience. We were impressed with Tim during the interview process and feel very fortunate to have selected him for our contractor.

Tim’s meticulous attention to the details in his bid gave us confidence that he was “our man”. Throughout our building process, we received monthly accounting of every dollar spent. We always knew if we were on budget and on time in every phase of construction.

Tim works with only the most reputable subcontractors. He monitors and manages the subcontractors to assure commitment to quality, on time, and on budget. If Tim feels cost savings are possible, without compromising quality, he would bring it to our attention.

Tim is brilliant in home design. He used his experience to take our architectural design to another level of esthetics,, practicality and functions. We always felt Tim was our advocate in discussions with architects, subcontractors, and building supply vendors.

Our job site was always kept clean and free of debris. Tim was always cognizant of construction noise and dust and minimized the impact on neighbors. His efforts were greatly appreciated by our neighbors. We were impressed with the professionalism of Tim’s crew. They were always on task, polite, and courteous.

Four years after completion of construction, Tim is still always ready to go “the extra mile” to exceed our expectations. Tim builds with the philosophy that he is building his house but we live in it. We could not be more pleased with Tim’s performance and our beautiful home.

Please feel free to contact me at (831) 915-7281 if you would like to speak with me personally.

John J. Eisinger, D.D.S.